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Benefits of Membership

  • 24hr access to the Victoria Makerspace’s shared workshops and classroom

  • Preferred access to Makerspace's internal classes

  • Private Social Events

  • Book time on the lasercutter

  • Eligible to rent a private locker at the space

  • Eligible to apply for private office space

  • Access to classroom space with Makerspace's autodesk educational licenses

Come to an Open House

Check this sites calendar for our next open house. The open house lets you get a feel for the space and the community that calls this place home. It includes a tour of the makerspace and is a mandatory first step to membership.

What we Ask of Members

  • That they make tidy use of our shared workspace

  • That they bring a burning desire to learn or the patience to mentor

  • That they volunteer in some capacity to ensure the continuation and improvement of the Victoria Makerspace

Membership Levels and Costs

  • Full membership $50monthly
  • Student Membership $30monthly

Steps to Membership

  1. Attend an Openhouse held on the second Tuesday of every month. The dates for the next openhouse can be found here. 
  2. Fill out an application on our website.
  3. Attend an Applicants Evening hosted by our New Members Committee. 
  4. Visit the VITP security desk to have your photo taken and get issued an access card. 
  5. Attend an New Member Orientation Night

I have attended an open house, and want to apply for membership.

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