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Steps to Membership: UPDATED FOR COVID

  1. Watch the tour video and the background information videos found here and here. This step is meant to replace the tour and help interested parties decide if the Victoria Makerspace is going to be a good fit for them. 
  2. Fill out an application on our website. (the date you attended an open house is the date you watched the videos)
  3. Join our forum. (separate account) 
  4. Attend an New Applicants Evening hosted by our New Members Committee. This is an in person event. Please read the event invitation for more information. There are 20 spaces for new members a month. Event dates are posted on our calendar when available. 
  5. Wait for an email directing you to the VITP security desk to have your photo taken and get issued an access card. 

I have watched the videos and want to

Apply for Membership

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