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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get involved? 

First step in joining is coming out to an open house. Open houses events are posted on our Calendar.

  • How do I join?

The first step to joining is to watch two videos found here and here. For further instructions to joining please visit www.makerspace.ca/apply. Joining our forum is also a great way to start getting involved with the community. 

  • Where is the Victoria Makerspace located?

We are located at:
4A - 4476 Markham St. Saanich, BC
This is in the Vancouver Island Tech Park. Near, but not inside, Camosun's Interurban Campus. Look for lot P7.

  • Where is your entrance?

Use the door located on the west side of the building between the loading dock and the propane tanks.

  • Where can I park?

In any of the pay parking lots. There are 15 spaces just outside our door, and more on the west side of the building. Parking is free after 6pm weekdays, and all day on weekends.

  • Is there somewhere I can lock my bike?

Yes, we have places to lock a bike.

  • What are your hours of operation?

Members have 24/7 access. Those interested in membership, or wanting to learn more about our organization, can come to an open house.  See the calendar for dates and times.

  • What is the cost of member ship?
Full membership $50monthly

Student membership $30monthly

  • What do you expect of your members?
That they make tidy use of our shared workspace and tools
That they bring a burning desire to learn or the patience to mentor.
That they volunteer in some capacity to ensure the continuation and improvement of the Victoria Makerspace.

That they show respect to their fellow members.

  • What is your refund policy?

1. Membership dues are not refundable after the first day of the month for which they cover.
2. Payments for multiple months of dues will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, withstanding condition #1. The annual memberships level is not eligible for refunds of any kind. 
3. Payments for classes are refundable up to 48 hours prior to the start time of the class. After this
time, no refunds will be given.
4. Notwithstanding #3, if a class is canceled, postponed, or in any other way not able to be offered,
registrants may opt for either a refund, or a credit towards a future class of equal cost.
5. Payments for storage space of any kind are not refundable.
6. Tangible goods are sold as final sale, as-is, where-is, without warranty of any kind, either
express or implied.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe to accept Visa and Mastercard. All charges are in Canadian funds.

If you are unable or unwilling to pay by credit card we suggest you investigate pre-paid credit card options. 

  • Can I bring food and drink to the Makerspace?

Yes, if you clean up after yourself.

  • What food/drink is available?

Only what you bring. We have a fridge, microwave, and kettle. For large events or classes, we can arrange food service from the park cafeteria.

  • Is your space wheelchair friendly?

We regret to inform everyone that the makerspace is not wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, the space has seven steps leading to our front door, and the elevator in the building has been condemned.  We are sought a grant to buy a wheelchair lift for our loading bay but were unable to sustain the volunteer interest to complete the process..

  • Do you let non-members use the tools?


  • Can I come in and work on this one small project without signing up for an ongoing membership?  My tool broke and I have a deadline – can I just pop in for one afternoon?

As a member-driven club, we expect tool users to have a commitment to maintaining all equipment in a working condition as well as an interest in helping out the space. In the past, drop-in users have neither had this commitment nor this interest, resulting in tool destruction and space maintenance issues. We do not offer any drop-in service for non-members.

  • Can you cut something for me on the laser cutter?

No, the tools are available for the use of our members. We do not offer service-for-hire. If you make a post on our forum a member may be able to take on the job. 

  • Can you print something for me on the 3d printer?

No, the tools are available for the use of our members. We do not offer service-for-hire. If you make a post on our forum a member may be able to take on the job. 

  • Can I come by and check out the space this morning/afternoon/evening?

The only time for non-members to visit the Makerspace is on an open house tour night. Check our calendar for upcoming events. We also have a video walk though which can help give a sense of the workshop. 

  • Is the  open house tour really a mandatory first step in becoming a member? 

Yes. It has been moved online to comply with the ongoing social distancing restrictions. Please visit www.makerspace.ca/apply for more detailed instructions. 

  • I cannot make this months event for xyz. Can you please accommodate my scheduled?

No. We are volunteers. We love helping new members join but batching the uptakes is the only way we know to respect our volunteers time. Upcoming events can be found on our calendar. 

  • I want access to the space ASAP. Can you process my application sooner so that I can get access by such and such a date.

It is very very unlikely. 

  • Do you have activities for my kids?

Minors must remain under the supervision of their guardians at all times. There are inherent risks in any workshop environment and minors are the responsibility of their guardians. 

  • Can I take classes if I’m not a member?

Yes. Check our calendar for upcoming events. 

  • Where is the makerspace forum?


  • Do I have to be a member to join the forum? 


  • How do I sign up for the Victoria Makerspace Talk forum?
  1. Go to talk.makerspace.ca
  2. Click on the Join button. 
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Check your email and follow the prompts. 

  • How do I cancel my membership?

1. Click on your name in the top right of this page. 

2. Choose the View Profile option. 

3. Click the Stop Recurring Payments Button

4. Click Change found next to your Membership Level

5. Choose Cancel My Membership from the list

6. Choose a selection from the exit interview. Add a comment if you are so inclined. 

7. Confirm.

8. Confirm. 

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