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Spore to Fruit Mushroom Cultivation Course

  • 19 Sep 2018
  • 17:00 - 21:00
  • Victoria Makerspace - #4a-4476 Markham St, Saanich, BC
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Despite Fungi being utilized widely in Science, Industry, and the Culinary Arts most people wouldn’t be able to tell how a mushroom is grown. Do you buy seeds? Not exactly. Bulbs? Still not there. What even is a fungus?
Fungi are their own Kingdom of Life and are more closely related to humans than plants are. Fungi start from spores not seeds and can be propagated from spawn not bulbs. Why is it called spawn you ask? Well Liam Brinston has no idea where the term came from but he can teaching you how to make it. He can even teach you how to collect your own spores and clone tissue from a live mushroom all with bare bones equipment.
Know no myco nor microbiology? No problem!

This is a comprehensive intro to fungal culture.
Maybe bring a snack but not for eating in the lab. We have a snack area for that.
This course will consist of:
  • Lecture on basics of fungal biology.
  • Learning to make your own growth media for all stages of fungal growth.
  • Learn to collect spores, start spores, clone from live mushrooms, make liquid culture, make grain spawn, and pasteurize bulk substrates.
  • Demonstrations of and hands on learning of aseptic technique.
  • Learn how to utilize fancy lab grade equipment like HEPA flowhoods and how to make do without when all you have is a kitchen.
  • Pressure cooker safety and advice.
  • Learn to identify contamination.
What you get to take home:
  • Handouts: Agar and assorted media cookbook
  • A list of supplies and sources, How pasteurize, DIY Still Air Box plans, DIY alcohol lamp plans, and Radical Mycology’s SLF Primer
  • Two 90mm petri dish cultures
  • One 120mL jar culture
  • One 1L of inoculated grain spawn
  • One cropping container with bulk substrate
Course costs includes all materials and use of lab space. Free parking is available during the course in lot P7.

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