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If you prefer our old site it is still available at old.makerspace.ca during this transition.

Upcoming events

    • 20 Sep 2018
    • 19:00 - 21:00
    • Victoria Makerspace - 4a-4476 Markham St, Saanich, BC
    Get hands-on with one of the most popular tools at the Victoria Makerspace - the Laser Cutter guided by our laser expert, Mike Teachman.   A laser cutter is a computer-controlled machine that uses an energized light beam to cut and engrave intricate shapes in materials such as wood and plastic.  

    Every participant will get the opportunity to try out one of our two laser cutters by making a laser-cut puzzle.  Following a space theme, participants will make a puzzle using a 5”x7” photo of the Canadian-made robot arm called Canadarm2.  We will use jaw-dropping photos of the Canadarm2 provided by the Canadian Space Agency.

    Both of the Makerspace laser cutters completely contain the laser beam inside a closed cabinet and do not require any safety equipment to be worn.

    Class agenda

    How do lasers work?

    Introduction to laser cutter operation

    See physical examples of laser cutter projects, including Star Wars and Star Trek models, backlit signs, and “living hinges”

    Make a Canadarm2 puzzle

    The puzzle is yours to keep! It makes a cool gift, too.
    • 22 Sep 2018
    • 23 Sep 2018
    • 2 sessions
    • Victoria Makerspace - #4A-4476 Markham St. Saanich, BC
    • 12

    Come join Jordan Whyte for an exciting couple of afternoons exploring the gorgeous Lichtenberg effect! Learn how to harness high voltage electricity to produce your own fractal designs on wood in this spectacular presentation!

    The use of alternative wood working techniques through Pyrography has been part of backyard, home hobbyists shops for years. Traditionally, Pyrography in wood working has been restricted to hand held wood burning tools. The use of high voltage Pyrography to create fractal patterns (know as Lichtenberg figures) has become increasingly popular around the world.  However, this process isn't without it's hazards and MUST be done in a safe and controlled Environment. 

    This course will consist of: 

    • showcasing the equipment to produce Lichtenberg fractal patterns

    • critical safety procedures to ensure proper procedures

    • illustrating explicitly the tools & techniques used to provide proper electrical  conductivity to the working surface.

    • providing interactive high voltage demonstrations at specific power and voltage levels to illustrate the affect each has on the wood burning process

    • post processing of wood to allow for the addition of Epoxy and pigments

    We will be using the following power supplies. 

    • 4.5 kV - 350 mA (ballasted) - 120V AC mains driven transformer bank
    • High frequency 30 kV - 10mA power supply running off a 24V DC 300 watt source.

    Course costs include all materials and the loan of safety equipment.  Free parking is available during the course in lot P7.

    • 9 Oct 2018
    • 19:00 - 20:30
    • Victoria Makerspace

    Open House Tour

    Looking to get involved? The first step is to show up for an open house. You'll have a chance to talk to some other makers, take a tour of the facilities and be well on your way to applying for membership if you feel like it will be a good fit. Tour starts promptly at 7:05PM.

What is Victoria Makerspace?

Victoria Makerspace is a member-operated shared space where people come together and collaborate while sharing tools, resources and knowledge. Members come from all different backgrounds and collectively bring vast amounts of knowledge and experience to the space. To keep Makerspace functioning, all members share a responsibility to keep the space safe, tidy, and welcoming. Makerspace members benefit from 24-hour access to a large assortment of equipment and tools. See more details on out equipment  facility features.

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